Positive Reinforcement Training for Primate Vet Care


When: August 8th, 2018 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where: Southwest National Primate Research Center, 8715 W. Military Dr., San Antonio, TX 78227


• $75 for those registered for the ASP 2018 conference

• $100 for those not registered for the ASP 2018 conference

This workshop includes a full day of instruction, discussion, and presentations covering the processes of positive reinforcement training (PRT) used to teach primates to cooperate with veterinary care procedures. Technical and programmatic elements necessary to facilitate completion of these behaviors are covered in the workshop and include: PRT tools and techniques (targets, use of reinforcers, desensitization), specific behavioral objectives (shifting and separation, conscious blood collection, injections, acupuncture, laser therapy, physical therapy, administration of other medications), and management of specific conditions (diabetes, osteoarthritis, stroke rehabilitation). Programmatic elements will touch upon broad aspects of program development, and more specific features such as the role of the veterinarians and managers, transitioning behaviors among staff, and maintenance of behavioral consistency.

Target Audience: This workshop is designed for those working with primates in zoo, sanctuary and research environments including animal care managers, curators, behavior management specialists, caregivers, keepers, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and research personnel. We are in the process of requesting Registry of Approved Continuing Education (RACE) credits for veterinarians attending the workshop.

Instructors are Jaine Perlman, Manager of the Behavior Management Unit at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center and Margaret Whittaker, Consultant, Creative Animal Behavior Solutions. These instructors each have more than 18 years of experience with training nonhuman primates and managing PRT programs in research, zoo and sanctuary environments. Additionally, invited speakers from all three types of facilities will present information about their veterinary care training programs.

Accommodations: Workshop participants are welcome to stay at the ASP conference hotel. See this link for ASP conference rates. Please click on the following link to make hotel reservations: https://aws.passkey.com/go/ASPConference2018

Boxed lunch will be provided.

Transportation to and from the hotel to SNPRC is not included. UBER and LYFT are available from the ASP conference hotel and cost is approximately $25-$35 per trip.

Registration: Registration will be open through the ASP website. Please register by July 6, 2018. Attendance will be limited, so please apply soon.

If you have questions about attending the workshop, please contact Jaine Perlman.

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