APV Webinar - RECORDING AVAILABLE for purchase - click here

This recording will we available to view thru September 6, 2022. There are no CEU credits from watching the recording.

APV 2021 Monkey 101- Topics in Anesthesia Webinar 

Monday, June 6 from 10:30AM- 12:45PM Central Time

$50 for Members

Registration is now OPEN! Please click HERE for registration.

This webinar will be the recording from the APV Workshop in Kansas City. There will be a live Q&A at the end of the webinar. Access to this webinar recording will be available.

APV has applied for 2 CEU credits with AAVSB/RACE.

New Twist on Anesthesia and Analgesic Techniques- Speaker: Rebecca Johnson

Perioperative Monitoring During Anesthesia: Tips and Tricks- Speaker: Cholawat Pacharinsak

Somebody Check My Brain! Anesthetic Considerations for Neuroscience Studies - Urshulaa Dholakia