The Association of Primate Veterinarians Foundation (APVF) supports research to advance and promote the science, medicine, management, and humane care of nonhuman primates. The APV Foundation Committee (APVFC), a standing APV committee, directs the activities of the APV Foundation, recommends the APV research agenda, solicits and awards research grants, and raises financial support both inside and outside APV.

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The Association of Primate Veterinarians Elizabeth R. Griffin Foundation Committee interfaces with the Elizabeth R. Griffin Research Foundation, Inc (EGRF) to achieve similar goals. The EGRF is a nonprofit organization founded to promote safe research practices and fund further research in the area of zoonotic diseases. The EGRF honors the memory of Beth Griffin, whose life was prematurely ended after she contracted macacine herpesvirus-1 (also known as Herpes B Virus). Objectives of the EGRF include providing a prevention/treatment/information network for research organizations, providing a support network for those who have contracted or are at risk for contracting zoonotic diseases, and promoting safe and responsible lab animal research. EGRF has standing grants with APV and ACLAM and funds studies of comparative treatments for B virus exposure, safety seminars related to working with nonhuman primates, and others.

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