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 Veterinary Research Scientist, Crown Bioscience

 Sr. Veterinarian, WaNPRC, Arizona

 Sr. Veterinarian, WaNPRC, Seattle

 Clinical Veterinarian, SNBL USA

 Resident Veterinarian, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary

 Clinical Veterinarian, Priority One Services

 Veterinarian, Chimp Haven

 Staff Veterinarian, Duke Lemur Center

 Clinical Veterinarian, SoBran, National Institutes of Health

Attending Veterinarian, SoBran

Clinical Veterinarian, National Center for Toxicological Research

Chief Animal Welfare Officer, SNBL USA

Clincial Veterinarian, University of Georgia

Associate Staff Veterinarian, The California National Primate Research Center

Animal Resources Center Director and Attending Veterinarian, Montana State University

Clinical Veterinarian, Bioculture US

Clinical Veterinarian, Covance

Director, Comparative Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Clinical Lab Animal Veterinarian/Sr. Clinical Lab Animal Veterinarian, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Veterinarian, Tulane National Primate Research Center

Clinical Veterinarian Senior, Charles River