Continuing Education Credits for Vets Offered at ASP Conference


The annual meeting of the American Society of Primatologists will be held in San Antonio, Texas, August 8-11, 2018. Anyone interested in expanding their knowledge base regarding nonhuman primates (NHPs) is highly encouraged to attend! The membership of ASP is diverse and includes a wide range of conservation biologists, behavioral scientists, university professors, basic laboratory researchers, animal care professionals, veterinarians and veterinary technicians. ASP members work with NHPs in the field, in laboratories, universities, zoological gardens, and sanctuaries. For veterinarians and veterinary technicians, it is worth noting that the ASP is a RACE accredited organization, so you can earn continuing education credits at this meeting. Last year 9.0 credits were provided and we expect to offer at least that many at the upcoming meeting. Once the specific number of hours for this meeting is determined, it will be posted on the ASP website.

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