Macaque Pair Housing Working Hosted by ONPRC


Announcing the “Workshop on Macaque Pair Housing”

Hosted by the Oregon National Primate Research Center

July 9-12, 2019

Workshop Content: This workshop focuses on one of the most important components of the behavioral management of caged laboratory macaques: providing social opportunities through pair housing. The workshop will provide a unique opportunity to learn about options for how to introduce macaques to one another, approaches for management of pair-housed monkeys, and practices to help maintain the pairs over time. Workshop participants will learn to tailor their own pair housing programs to the research and animal populations with which they work. The workshop instructors have a deep knowledge of the challenges associated with pair housing of macaques, publications on this topic, and many years of real-world experience.

This 3.5-day workshop will provide behavioral, clinical, research and primate care staff members, as well as managers and veterinarians, with practical information about methodological options for forming pairs, the tools for evaluating behavior, and strategies for achieving positive short- and long-term outcomes. The information provided will be based on a scientific understanding of macaque behavior and on published studies evaluating pair housing. Lectures and demonstrations will be complemented by ample practice in decision making, problem solving, and the evaluation of social compatibility through videotaped and live observation of macaques.

Dates: July 9-12. 2019. Workshop ends around noon Friday, July 12.

Location: Oregon National Primate Research Center; Beaverton, Oregon

Instructors: Mollie Bloomsmith (Yerkes National Primate Research Center), Kate Baker (Tulane National Primate Research Center), Kris Coleman (Oregon National Primate Research Center), Melissa Truelove (Yerkes National Primate Research Center)

Registration Fee for Participants: $ 925.00. This fee will include meeting registration, meals and transportation between the hotel and the meeting site each day.

Hotel Information: The conference hotel is the Holiday Inn, Hillsboro ( The special WoMPH rate is $143 per night, including breakfast. Participants must make their own hotel reservation and pay for this separately (information will be provided).

To Reserve Your Place in the Workshop: please contact Kris Coleman ( Once accepted, we will provide you with registration information and related materials. Space is limited, and the workshop will be filled on a “first-paid-first-served” basis, so please contact us and submit your registration information and fee as soon as possible to confirm your place in the workshop.

Further questions? If you have questions about the Workshop, please contact Kris Coleman at

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