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Behavioral Management Consortium Seeks Volunteers

The Behavioral Management Consortium is seeking veterinary volunteers for a symposium at ASP (37th meeting of the American Society of Primatologists;  Decatur, GA, September 12-15, 2014) on the veterinary/behavioral interface. Specifically, they would like to address how communication, collaboration, and positive interactions between veterinarians and behavioral scientists occur to enhance nonhuman primate care and improve welfare. Any APV members who are attending ASP and would be willing to participate should contact Michele Fahey (michele_fahey@hms.harvard.edu) and John Hasenau (jhasenau@unr.edu) for more information.

Primate Food and Fluid Control Workshop in Collaboration with the BPRC, Rijswijk, Netherlands, May 23-24, 2014

Nonhuman primates are used in a variety of research fields, including neuroscience, immunology, and infectious disease studies, as well as drug discovery and development. Often the animals are trained to voluntarily cooperate with research and husbandry procedures, using positive reinforcement techniques with food treats as rewards. Positive reinforcement is also used to desensitize animals to aversive procedures to reduce any associated anxiety responses. In some circumstances, for example, modern behavioral neuroscience experiments requiring around 1000 operant responses per daily brain recording session, food or fluid control is used to motivate nonhuman primates to perform at the required level reliably and consistently for small food/fluid rewards. The control may involve strict scheduling of the time for which free food/fluid is available (e.g. only after the daily training session) or a reduction in the total amount of food/fluid provided per day. Both can have welfare implications if not carried out carefully. This workshop will bring together animal trainers, scientists, veterinarians, and animal care staff involved with training non-human primates in different research settings. The aim is to share knowledge, data, and expertise on training methods in order to refine the use and care of these animals. More information, the program, and registration can be found at http://animalconcepts.eu/styled-4/styled-12/styled-14/index.html

Future Leaders, Please Apply!

Are you interested in serving APV?  Now is your chance!  The APV officer positions available for the 2014 elections are:

Vice President
This position requires a four year (2015-2018) commitment to serve through Past President and requires provision of leadership and vision for APV, attendance at workshops, planning and attending BOD meetings at workshops, planning and participation in bimonthly and other teleconferences, planning of the 2016 workshop, and active service on standing committees, as required.

Trustees (two positions available)
This position requires a two-year (2015-2016) commitment, and requires attendance at BOD meetings at the workshop, participation in bimonthly teleconferences, and active service on standing committees, as assigned.

This position requires a minimum two-year (2015-2016) commitment, and includes attendance at BOD meetings at workshops, planning and participation in bimonthly teleconferences, and recording minutes as permanent records of business meetings. Service to standing committees may also be required. 

All nominations are due April 15.  Nominees will be announced May 1 and electronic elections will take place in June.  To submit a nominee or for further information about the process or positions, please contact CJ Doane at cjdoane@email.arizona.edu. Nominees must submit a candidate template form.

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