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Election Results Announced

Congratulations to the following members!

Vice President: Pat Frost
Secretary: Drew Martin
Trustee: Kelly Hopper

There is a run-off election opening Monday, July 14 between Lynn Collura and Geraldine Fleurie for the second trustee position.

Primates and Prospects: Nonhuman Primate Transgenic Models for Human Therapeutic Advances: August 7, 2014

This webinar will present the rationale and approaches for the development of nonhuman primate transgenesis, and recently, genomic modification of nonhuman primates for biomedical research. Consideration is given to importance of the model, advantages in comparison to other experimental models, and primacy given to relevance to human health and disease. The ability of nonhuman primate models to reduce use of other animal models while enhancing the relevance to human disease investigation, and to refine the approaches available to biomedical researchers will be discussed. Discounted rates are available for APV Members. Click here for more details.

Behavioral Management Consortium Seeks Volunteers

The Behavioral Management Consortium is seeking veterinary volunteers for a symposium at ASP (37th meeting of the American Society of Primatologists;  Decatur, GA, September 12-15, 2014) on the veterinary/behavioral interface. Specifically, they would like to address how communication, collaboration, and positive interactions between veterinarians and behavioral scientists occur to enhance nonhuman primate care and improve welfare. Any APV members who are attending ASP and would be willing to participate should contact Michele Fahey (michele_fahey@hms.harvard.edu) and John Hasenau (jhasenau@unr.edu) for more information.

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