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APV Transportation Statement

The APV Board of Directors unanimously voted to adopt the following transporation statement.

The Association of Primate Veterinarians (APV) supports the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement (3Rs) of animal usage and use of alternatives  in research. For projects requiring use of animals where the suitable alternatives are not available, the APV encourages and supports all necessary safe and reliable modes of transportation for research animals, including air transport. Domestic and international transportation of research animals is critical to biomedical research and is essential to maintaining progress towards advances in human and animal health. Timely research conduct, utilizing the most relevant animal models, through appropriate transportation maintains the continued advances in human and animal health.

Research animal transportation is conducted under highly supervised conditions, in accordance with strictly enforced and accepted standards, and in compliance with a variety of international agreements and government regulations. Safe and appropriate transportation of laboratory animals is ensured by use of experienced and licensed animal couriers. International transportation via commercially available aircraft is often the most expedient and humane method of transportation for  research animals.

APV strongly supports the continued transportation of live animals for research purposes with strict observance of the standards and regulations.

Symposium on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals

Don't miss out on the opportunity to discuss social housing of laboratory animals with the experts and your peers while taking in some beautiful fall weather in Colorado. Register today for the October 5-6 Symposium on Social Housing of Laboratory Animals at the University of Colorado, Denver. We have another excellent program planned this year, bringing together experts in animal behavior and welfare to address common issues in trying to achieve the mandate for social housing of social species. The agenda for both days is included below, and includes breakout sessions both days where participants will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges and special issues they are facing at their own institutions with the experts and their peers.

Election Results Announced

Congratulations to the following members!

Vice President: Pat Frost
Secretary: Drew Martin
Trustee: Kelly Hopper, Geraldine Fleurie

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